911 Answers
911 Answers

What should I do if someone is missing?

Do not panic First of all, try not to panic–the more you panic, the more you lose focus on your mission to find the...     Read More

How do I contact the police in Mexico?

EMERGENCY NUMBER: 066, 065, 068. Whether you are on vacation or a new resident in Mexico, the first thing you need to know is...     Read More

What should I do if I’m being followed?

Followed on Foot If you are being followed and you fear of getting attacked, get in to a public place if there is one...     Read More


Funky, fun, and necessary things to do in Southern Vietnam

Vietnam is a fantastic tourist destination as it has a plethora of things to do and see, is filled with friendly people and delicious...     Read More

Welcome to Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of dichotomies. It is a place revered and hated for its image–the town where the most beautiful people in...     Read More

Great Eats In San Francisco: North Beach

Visiting San Francisco and looking for some unique culinary treats? San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood is a great place to start. One of our...     Read More


History Of The Television

The television has been commercially available since the late 1920s, and is considered a staple in modern households for entertainment and in the business...     Read More

History Of The Automobile

It is estimated that the first automobile design was steam-powered and most likely built in China around 1672 by Ferdinand Verbiest. The vehicle was...     Read More

Easy as pie

A popular colloquial idiom, “as easy as pie” is used to describe an experience or task as simple and pleasurable even. Often confused, the...     Read More

Life Hacks
Life Hacks

7 Simple DIY Headboards

As your personal sanctuary to lay your head, your bed should be a place of tranquility. At the same time, it is a very...     Read More

Desk for two

An organizational space for work or just to pay the bills is always a necessity in any home. Unfortunately, there is not always enough...     Read More

Cleaning cable clutter

In frustration of my power strip constantly falling off my desk, I began the hunt for a DIY solution to not only keep it...     Read More